This game was created in 72 hours during the Ludum Dare game jam.

Descend into the dark depths of the Deadly Dungeon... because your cat Mr. Jenkins has gone missing and you must save him! Level up, get stronger, hoard gold, and attempt to save your pet from certain doom in this real-time, retro dungeon-crawler.

Arrow keys: Move player
Left-mouse button: Attack (hold down to keep attacking)


- The higher your level, the faster you attack, and the more damage you deal to enemies! Hold down the left-mouse button to attack as fast as possible.

- You can run away from enemies, but some of them might decide to follow you and ambush you later!

- If your health is very low, try exploring the areas of the dungeon that you've already visited: you might get lucky and find a healing potion laying around.


Deadly_Dungeon.exe 3 MB