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Inside this pack you will find 16 high-resolution images (300 DPI in PNG format) of the following fantasy monsters:

- Bugbear
- Displacer Beast
- Drider
- Floating Eye Monster
- Gelatinous Cube
- Gnoll
- Goblin Shaman
- Hydra
- Kobold
- Lich
- Lizardman
- Mimic
- Orc Warrior
- Skeleton Mage
- Skeleton Warrior
- Were-Mimic

Created by me (Daniel F. Walthall), and inspired by the classic monster art I grew up with (Gary Chalk being one of my biggest inspirations) inking these illustrations was truly a labor of love, and I plan on releasing more stock art packs like this one in the future.

Not only can you use these hand-drawn monster images in your home campaign on game night, you can also use them in your own publications, print or digital! (subject to the simple license agreement below) You can even use these images in your DMsGuild products! Quality art can make a big difference in the success of your products, and commissioning custom artwork can be expensive. With this stock art pack you can fill your products with quality fantasy art without smashing your budget. Plus your purchase helps keep me stocked with pens and cardstock to keep making more art. For that, I thank you kindly, and I hope my art helps you sell more copies of your next publication!

This stock art pack is packaged as a ZIP file containing all 16 high-resolution images in print-quality. (300 DPI in PNG format)

LICENSE INFO: By purchasing this stock art pack, you are granted a royalty-free license to use these images in unlimited personal and commercial products, including print products, digital products, and web-based advertisements for the product in which it is featured. You may NOT place these images in another stock art collection, or sell them individually.

You are allowed to crop, rotate, color, flip, reduce, enlarge, or otherwise modify these images as needed, but if any of the images are resized, the original proportions must be maintained. The initials/signature of the Artist do not have to show up in the final published work, however you MUST include the following statement in the credits of any product where these images are used:

'Some artwork copyright Daniel F. Walthall, used with permission.'

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TagsDungeon Crawler, Fantasy, gnoll, lich, lineart, lizardman, mimic, Monsters, oldschool, stockart


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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